Can a Landlord Enter an Apartment When  No One Is Home?

Yes. A landlord can enter a tenant's apartment to deal with a certain emergency such as fire or flood. However, otherwise, landlords can usually only enter apartments during normal business hours 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday upon reasonable notice. Landlords can usually enter an apartment without notice if they have good reason to believe that the apartment has been abandoned.


Landlord and tenant can also have an agreement contained in the lease, which could allow the landlord to enter the premises.


You, as a tenant have a right to privacy. Landlords must follow all of the state and local rules regarding access to tenants' apartments. Almost 50% of the states have rules governing landlord entry into tenants' residences.


Landlords must typically give tenants reasonable notice before they enter their residence. Such notice should be given ahead of the time of entry, which is usually 24 hours.

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