Can I Divorce My Husband Without Court?

Yes. Divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, and arbitration or private judging are all ways that you can manage to keep out of the divorce court. With mediation and collaboration, you'll work together with your wife or husband to  come to an agreement that works for both of you and for your children.

An arbitrator can make rulings in your divorce and keep you out of divorce court.

Arbitration has been a preferred choice for resolving commercial disputes, fro some time. And it is now coming into its own in divorce cases as well. But you should do a cost-benefit analysis of sorts before you embark on this course of action.

However, if you are planning on fighting your ex either out of spite or because you think he or she will not be cooperative or truthful in mediation or arbitration, then you can pick the divorce court as your official battleground. You are forewarned that by doing so you stand to engage in a long drawn-out battle which could and often would scar you and your children.

If you are planning on fighting, rather than settling with

your ex, then choose the divorce court. It is your

legal/natural battleground.

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