The Chine Merchant Sold Me

Defective Product on Internet.
Can Anything Be Done?

Not really. When you make a purchase from a foreign company, you do not enjoy the consumer protection privileges you have in the United States. Attorneys General of all the states have a consumer protection department to address your grievance. No such a thing with foreign purchases. Moreover, there is really no Cyber Court that you can go to for defective merchandise.

Of course, if you paid by credit card, you can try to dispute or stop the sale. However, people often pay with cards which automatically debit your account. It is an uphill battle to try to reverse this payment especially if the merchant is in a far away place such as China or other similar countries.


If the merchandise has very high value then perhaps you can afford to hire an attorney. The attorney can see if the merchant has a presence in the United States. For example, large companies may have offices or even stores in U.S. This helps you tremendously because now you can actually sue them right here in the United States.

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