Can They Dug Test Me

Without My Knowledge?

No, it never makes sense to violate someone's medical wishes, their bodily autonomy, or their consent. For example, you cannot drug test a pregnant woman to see if the baby is addicted. Women do not cease to be people simply because they are pregnant.

Although it is uncommon for a physician to do such a test without your consent or awareness, it is not unlawful. Most of the doctors do not order tests unless there is a good reason for it, especially since they want to maintain a good relationship with their patients.

In most cases, when you go into an emergency room they make you sign consent forms before they start medical examination, which could include drug screens, a.k.a. "Tox Screen." This is true even when you do not realize you are submitting to a drug test. They particularly do that when you go in for a mental issue, when you register to be seen by your new physician, you sign a form giving them permission to treat you using their best judgment. But even if the doctor orders such a test, they are required by law to only share that information with oyu and no one else (unless you are a minor or incompetent).

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