About Lawyer Up!:

This publication has a simple goal: to educate the public as to the basic notions of law. It does not aim to make you a legal expert. It simply wants you to become aware of your rights. There are millions of laws, rules, and regulations on the books, with more being enacted almost on a daily basis. No one knows all of the laws. But there are ways thru which lawyers research these laws. The problem is the laws are generally written in such archaic language that most of us cannot make sense of it. We aim to find relevant laws for you, and simply to translate them into plain English. Lawyer Up! magazine also contains material procured as the result of consultation with other experienced lawyers in other fields, not mentioned above.


This process takes time, precision, expertise, and perseverance. We have devoted a long time in developing this magazine. Our hope is to both educate and entertain you, the reader.

Editor's Note:

American laws are either Federal laws or State laws (and their derivatives). The main laws in the United States are Federal laws, which transcend across all boundaries. In other words, you are bound by Federal laws when it comes to federal matter regardless of which state or U.S. territory you are in. The most important federal law is the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution is the highest law of the land, and all other laws are subservient to it. In other words, any law that violates the Constitution is simply not valid. States, cities, towns, and municipalities have their own laws. The contents of this magazine are based on any one of these laws. Consult the laws of your State to see whether they correspond with what we have provided you with.

About the Editor, Benjamin B. Tariri, Esq.:

Attorney Tariri, is a Boston-based attorney. As a hands-on lawyer, he has been involved in various facets of the law including real estate, condominium laws, defamation, business law, criminal law, immigration law, contracts, wills and estates, personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, consumer law, discrimination, zoning, sexual harassment, motor vehicle laws, bankruptcy laws, federal laws, international law, family and domestic relations laws as well as mediation and arbitration of cases.

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